LG WS1912XMT OWNER'S MANUAL Pdf Download (2024)

LG WS1912XMT OWNER'S MANUAL Pdf Download (1)
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LG WS1912XMT OWNER'S MANUAL Pdf Download (2)

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Before beginning installation, read these instructions

carefully. This will simplify installation and ensure that the

product is installed correctly and safely. Leave these

instructions near the product after installation for future



WS1912XMT / WS1912WHT



Copyright © 2023 LG Electronics Inc. All Rights Reserved.


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LG WS1912XMT OWNER'S MANUAL Pdf Download (3)

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Summary of Contents for LG WS1912XMT

  • Page 1 This will simplify installation and ensure that the product is installed correctly and safely. Leave these instructions near the product after installation for future reference. ENGLISH WS1912XMT / WS1912WHT www.lg.com MFL71693748 Rev.00_071923 Copyright © 2023 LG Electronics Inc. All Rights Reserved.
  • Page 2 Adding Detergents and Softeners ..............24 Programme Table ....................26 Drying Programme ..................30 Extra Options and Functions ................32 SMART FUNCTIONS LG ThinQ Application ..................35 Smart Diagnosis ....................37 MAINTENANCE Cleaning After Every Wash................39 Cleaning the Appliance Periodically & Performing an Emergency Water Evacuation......................40 TROUBLESHOOTING Before Calling for Service................43...
  • Page 3 SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE USE The following safety guidelines are intended to prevent unforeseen risks or damage from unsafe or incorrect operation of the appliance. The guidelines are separated into ‘WARNING’ and ‘CAUTION’ as described below. Safety Messages This symbol is displayed to indicate matters and operations that can cause risk.
  • Page 4 SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS • Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance. • If the power cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer, its service agent or similarly qualified persons in order to avoid a hazard.
  • Page 5 SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS • Remove all objects from pockets such as lighters and matches. • The appliance is not to be used if industrial chemicals have been used for cleaning. Installation • This appliance should only be transported by two or more people holding the appliance securely.
  • Page 6 • Do not touch the door during a high temperature programme. • In case of a water leak from the appliance or flood, disconnect the power plug and contact the LG Electronics customer information centre. • Turn off water taps to relieve pressure on hoses and valves and to minimize leakage if a break or rupture should occur.
  • Page 7 • Only qualified service personnel from LG Electronics service centre should disassemble, repair, or modify the appliance. Contact an LG Electronics customer information centre if you move and install the...
  • Page 8 SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Disposal • Before discarding an old appliance, unplug it. Cut off the cable directly behind the appliance to prevent misuse. • Dispose of all packaging materials (such as plastic bags and styrofoam) away from children. The packaging materials can cause suffocation.
  • Page 9 INSTALLATION INSTALLATION Parts and Specifications NOTE • Appearance and specifications may change without notice to improve the quality of the appliance. Front View Rear View Power Plug Control Panel Transit Bolts Detergent Dispenser Drawer Drain Hose Drum Door Cover Cap Drain Pump Filter Drain Plug Levelling Feet...
  • Page 10 INSTALLATION Accessories Cold Supply Hose Anti–slip Sheets*1 Spanner Elbow Bracket for Securing Drain Hose Caps for Covering Transit Bolt Holes Tie Strap*1 *1 The included accessories vary depending on the model you purchased.
  • Page 11 INSTALLATION Specifications Model WS1912XMT / WS1912WHT Power Supply 220 V~, 50/60 Hz Product Weight 96 kg Maximum Power • 2000 W (Wash) • 2100 W (Dry) Annual Water Consumption 36080 litres/year Annual Energy Consumption 420 kWh/year IP No. (Degree of Protection)
  • Page 12 INSTALLATION Installation Place Index Clearance (mm) Requirements Before installing the appliance, check the following information to make sure that the appliance should be installed in a correct place. WARNING Installation Location • This appliance must only be used for domestic household purposes and should not be used in •...
  • Page 13 INSTALLATION grounded/earthed in accordance with all local NOTE codes and ordinances. • You can purchase rubber cups (part No. 4620ER4002B) from the LG service centre. Unpacking the Appliance Ventilation Lifting the Appliance Off the Foam Base • Make sure that air circulation around the...
  • Page 14 INSTALLATION Levelling the Appliance Starting with the bottom two transit bolts use the spanner (included) to fully loosen all Checking the Level transit bolts by turning them counterclockwise. When pushing down the edges of the top plate diagonally, the appliance should not move up and down at all (check both directions).
  • Page 15 • Do not install the washing machine on a plinth, Failure to do so may cause vibration or noise. stand or elevated surface unless it is manufactured by LG Electronics for use with this model. Using Anti-Slip Sheets This feature may vary depending on the model Check if the appliance is perfectly level using a purchased.
  • Page 16 • Do not attach the adhesive side of anti- slip sheets to the feet of the appliance. NOTE • Additional anti-slip sheets are available at LG Electronics service centre. Connecting the Hose to the Water Tap Connecting Screw-Type Hose to Tap with Thread...
  • Page 17 INSTALLATION Connecting Screw-Type Hose to Tap Without Connecting One Touch Type Hose to Tap Thread Without Thread Loosen the 4 fixing screws Unscrew the adapter ring plate and loose the 4 fixing screws. Remove the guide plate if the tap is too large to fit the adapter.
  • Page 18 INSTALLATION connector latch plate. Make sure the adapter • Make sure that the hose should not be kinked or locks into place. trapped. Installing the Drain Hose Installing the Drain Hose with the Elbow Bracket The drain hose should not be placed higher than 100 cm above the floor.
  • Page 19 INSTALLATION • When installing the drain hose to a sink, secure it tightly with string.
  • Page 20 OPERATION OPERATION Operation Overview Add cleaning products or detergent and softener. Using the Appliance • Add the proper amount of detergent to the detergent dispenser. If desired, add bleach Before the first wash, select the Cotton wash or fabric softener to the appropriate areas of programme and add a half amount of the the dispenser.
  • Page 21 • This allows you to select an additional programmes and will light when selected. Remote Start With the LG ThinQ app, you can use a smartphone to control your appliance remotely. • In order to use this function, refer to SMART FUNCTIONS.
  • Page 22 OPERATION Description Customizing Washing Programme Buttons Use these buttons to adjust the water temperature, spin speed and soil level settings for the selected programme. • The current settings are shown in the display. • Press the button for that option to select other settings. Display •...
  • Page 23 OPERATION Preparing the Wash Load NOTE Sort the wash load for best washing results, and • The dashes under the symbol give you then prepare the clothes according to the symbols information about the type of fabric and the on their care labels. maximum allowance of mechanical stress.
  • Page 24 OPERATION Adding Detergents and NOTE Softeners • Do not let the detergent harden. Doing so may lead to blockages, poor rinse performance or Detergent Dosage odour. • Full load: According to manufacturer’s • Detergent should be used according to the recommendation.
  • Page 25 OPERATION • It is normal for a small amount of water to Open the door and put detergent tablets into remain in the dispenser compartments at the drum before loading the clothes. the end of the cycle. Fabric Softener Compartment Load the clothes into the drum and close the This compartment holds liquid fabric softener, door.
  • Page 26 OPERATION Programme Table Washing Programme Cotton 40 °C (Cold to 60 °C) Max. Load: Rating Description Washes normally soiled clothes by combining various drum motions. • Pressing the Start/Pause button without selecting a programme will cause the Cotton programme to begin immediately, using the default settings. Stain Care 60 °C (40 °C to 60 °C) Max.
  • Page 27 OPERATION Speed Wash 40 °C (Cold to 40 °C) Max. Load: 3 kg Description Washes small loads of lightly soiled clothes in a short time. Color Care 30 °C (Cold to 40 °C) Max. Load: 5 kg Description Helps prevent the clothes from discolouring. •...
  • Page 28 OPERATION *2 The test results depend on water pressure, water hardness, water inlet temperature, room temperature, type and amount of load, degree of soiling utilized detergent, fluctuations in the main electricity supply and chosen additional options. Standard 60 °C Cotton programme Standard 40 °C Cotton programme (Half...
  • Page 29 OPERATION Programme Steam TurboWash Speed Wash Color Care Silent Wash Rinse+Spin NOTE • The Delay End option can be selected for every washing programme. • The Add Item option can be selected for every washing programme except for the Tub Clean and Rinse+Spin programmes.
  • Page 30 OPERATION Drying Programme Blankets and Duvets Check fabric care labels on blankets and duvets General Tips for Drying before using the drying programme. Some blankets and duvets may shrink by the heated air. Use the automatic programmes to dry most loads. Electronic sensors measure the temperature of the Rubber and Plastics exhaust to increase or decrease drying...
  • Page 31 OPERATION Air Dry Press the Turbo Dry, Air Dry, or Time Dry Use this function when you dry clothes with warm button as necessary. air circulation. The function helps to reduce water consumption because the function sprays less water than the Turbo Dry programme. Press the Start/Pause button.
  • Page 32 OPERATION Extra Options and Follow the next steps to customize a washing programme: Functions You can use the extra options and functions to Prepare the clothes and load the drum. customize the programmes. Customizing a Washing Press the Power button. Programme Each programme has default settings that are Add detergent.
  • Page 33 OPERATION Using Special Options Press the Add Item button as necessary. You can customize the programmes by using the following special options: Open the door after it unlocks itself and add or Steam remove necessary clothing items. Adding this option helps provide better cleaning results.
  • Page 34 OPERATION Settings Child Lock Use this option to disable the controls. This function can prevent children from changing cycles or operating the appliance. NOTE • Once this function is set, all buttons are locked except the Power button. • When the controls are locked, and the remaining time are alternatively shown on the display during the wash while this function is...
  • Page 35 SMART FUNCTIONS SMART FUNCTIONS LG ThinQ Application notifications on a smartphone. The notifications are triggered even if the LG ThinQ application is off. The LG ThinQ application allows you to communicate with the appliance using a smartphone. NOTE LG ThinQ Application Features •...
  • Page 36 SMART FUNCTIONS • Smartphone user interface (UI) may vary Run the LG ThinQ application and sign in with depending on the mobile operating system (OS) your existing account or create an LG account and the manufacturer. to sign in. • If the security protocol of the router is set to WEP, you may fail to set up the network.
  • Page 37 LG ThinQ application. Disable this function manually When this function is activated, press and hold the • Launch the LG ThinQ application and select the Remote Start button for 3 seconds. Smart Diagnosis feature in the menu. Follow the instructions provided in the LG ThinQ application.
  • Page 38 SMART FUNCTIONS NOTE • For best results, do not move the smartphone while the tones are being transmitted.
  • Page 39 MAINTENANCE MAINTENANCE WARNING • Unplug the appliance before cleaning to avoid the risk of electric shock. Failure to follow this warning may result in serious injury, fire, electric shock, or death. • Never use harsh chemicals, abrasive cleaners, or solvents to clean the appliance. They may damage the finish.
  • Page 40 MAINTENANCE Cleaning the Appliance • When the inside of the appliance is not dried completely, it may cause a bad smell or Periodically & Performing mildew. an Emergency Water WARNING Evacuation • Leave the door open to dry inside of the appliance only if the children are supervised at Tub Clean home.
  • Page 41 MAINTENANCE Remove the water inlet filter with small pliers Remove the drain plug from the drain tube and then clean the filter using a medium bristle first, and then drain the water. tooth brush. Cleaning the Drain Pump Filter and Performing an Emergency Water Evacuation Unscrew the drain pump filter slowly to drain the remaining water and then proceed to...
  • Page 42 MAINTENANCE • Remove all residue from the upper and Close the cover cap. lower parts of the recess. CAUTION Wipe any moisture off the recess with a soft • Be careful when draining, as the water may be hot. cloth or towel. •...
  • Page 43 Operation of your appliance can lead to errors and malfunctions. The following tables contain possible causes and notes for resolving an error message or malfunction. It is recommended to read the tables carefully below in order to save your time and money that may cost for calling to LG Electronics service centre.
  • Page 44 • Check and clean the drain filter. Door sensor malfunctions. dE dE1 dEz dE4 DOOR ERROR • Please call LG service centre. You can find your local LG service centre phone number in the warranty card. This is a control error. CONTROL ERROR •...
  • Page 45 TROUBLESHOOTING Symptoms Possible Cause & Solution Thumping sound Heavy clothes may produce a thumping sound. This is usually normal. • If the sound continues, the appliance is probably out of balance. Stop and redistribute the clothes. The clothes may be out of balance. •...
  • Page 46 TROUBLESHOOTING Symptoms Possible Cause & Solution Wrinkling Appliance is overloaded. • The appliance can be fully loaded, but the drum should not be tightly packed with items. The door of the appliance should be closed easily. Hot and cold water supply hoses are reversed. •...
  • Page 47 • Find the Wi-Fi network connected to your smartphone and remove it, then not connected to the register your appliance on LG ThinQ. Wi-Fi network. Mobile data for your smartphone is turned on. • Turn off the Mobile data of your smartphone and register the appliance using the Wi-Fi network.

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LG WS1912XMT OWNER'S MANUAL Pdf Download (2024)
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