Now You Know: ‘Flags for Heroes,’ Kava Culture expands, Imagination Ball updates (2024)

Now You Know: ‘Flags for Heroes,’ Kava Culture expands, Imagination Ball updates (1)

Deadline to receive your sponsorship is Jan. 29. For $50 you can recognize your hero with an American flag and custom medallion and be part of the display of American Flags from Feb. 18-23.

An opening ceremony will be held at 5 p.m., Feb. 19 (Presidents Day) at San Marco Rd. and Sandhill St.

Organizers have shared some important updates for the display and event.

“We partner now with to offer an easy way to donations via credit card, Venmo, Paypal, etc.”

Try it out at

There’s also a “Flags for Heroes” Facebook group. Write “Flags for Heroes Marco” in the search box.

Sponsorship opportunities are available:

  • $250 Bronze Hero Sponsor – Four flags with medallions; press release recognition and opening ceremony program recognition.
  • $500 Silver Hero Sponsor – Eight flags with medallions; press release recognition and opening ceremony program recognition; home page website recognition and link on
  • $1,000 Gold Event Sponsor – 12 Flags with medallions; all the above plus a one-year ad for your business in Rotary Means Business.
  • $2,000 Platinum Event Sponsor – 25 Flags with medallions; all the above plus a sign recognizing you on field of flags site during Flags for Heroes week.
  • $3,000 Diamond Event Sponsor – 40 Flags with medallions; all the above plus special recognition in opening ceremony program.

All the above PLUS: Banner at Opening Ceremony & Full Page Ad in Opening Ceremony Program

Contact Linda Sandlin,, 239-777-9200, with questions or just go to

Kava Culture opens in Golden Gate

Just in time for Dry January, Kava Culture Kava Bar is announcing the opening of its second Naples location, the first of its kind serving the Golden Gate community. Kava Culture is a non-alcoholic bar franchise that boasts premium kava and handcrafted, all-natural botanical drinks made by Botanical Brewing Co. that deliver a unique alcohol-free buzz.

“This location is extra special to me, as the franchisees are my parents,” says Jacqueline Rusher, co-founder of Kava Culture and Botanical Brewing Co. “They’ve been going to our kava bars for years and were so inspired by our sober bars, natural drinks, and community vibe that they had to open their own.”

The new Kava Culture Kava Bar in Brook’s Villageat 12975 Collier Blvd, Suite 100, in Naples, overlooks a pond with walking trails and has outdoor seating. The kava bar is owned by Kerstin Rusher and Jerry Tetreault.“We watched our daughters open their first bar in Bonita Springs and then franchise Kava Culture over the USA,” says Tetreault. “Kerstin and I were ecstatic about the opportunity to open our own non-alcoholic bar and spread love and connections and foster our own kava community. It has been a great experience to go from being a customer to serving our Drinks with Love to our own customers.”

Kava Culture serves plant-based drinks made with kava, kratom, kanna, and CBD. The kava bars serve drinks on tap, mixed co*cktails, and cans.Happy hours are daily from 2-5 p.m., and events are weekly. The pet-friendly kava bars are open 365 days a year, with special holiday hours.

Kava Culture Kava Bar is also located at Marco Town Center,1069 N Collier Blvd #214, Marco Island. More at

American Cancer Society invites you to Imagination Ball

The Marco Island unit of the American Cancer Society invites you to a “Night of Illusions,” the 2024 ACS Imagination Ball to be held Feb. 2 at the JW Marriott Marco Island Beach Resort.

This black-tie optional gala fundraiser, presented by Paradise Found Restaurant for the second consecutive year, and chaired by Debra Shanahan for the 12th consecutive year, will be a “magical evening of elegance with the mission to eliminate cancer, as we know it, from our world.”

Now You Know: ‘Flags for Heroes,’ Kava Culture expands, Imagination Ball updates (2)

Featuring fine food, music by the Stacey Allison Band, both live and silent auctions, and revenue enhancers, including a chance to own a diamond necklace or Louis Vuitton handbag, this will be an event you “will not want to miss. “

Jim Paradise, owner of Paradise Found Restaurant and Bar, is dedicated to supporting the American Cancer Society in the quest to find a cure. The restaurant is a celebration of life itself, offering good food and libations in a laid-back atmosphere enhanced by the very best in Southwest Florida entertainment. For decades, the Paradise family has also run a string of Renaissance Festivals from the Midwest to Colorado. They look forward to bringing that spirit and joy of giving to the ACS Imagination Ball.

Paradise knows the devastation and sorrow that cancer has thrust upon the world. When Jim was just eight years old, he tragically lost his mother to breast cancer.

“Life is so precious,” said Paradise. The words are simple, but the message is profound.

Paradise Found Restaurant and Bar, located at 401 Papaya St., Goodland, has made a vow to join us in this mission.

For more information, visit or contact your American Cancer Society at or 239-610-3032.

Maureen Chodaba contributed to this report.

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Now You Know: ‘Flags for Heroes,’ Kava Culture expands, Imagination Ball updates (2024)
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