Ohio River Fishing Report | Allegheny County Fishing (2024)


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Ohio River Fishing Report | Allegheny County Fishing (3)

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  • Updated 10th July 2024

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Ohio River Fishing

Ohio River At Point Staterk At Pittsburgh is located in Allegheny County in Pennsylvania. If you live in Pittsburgh, Mount Oliver, Green Tree, Ingram, Crafton, McKees Rocks, Millvale, Dormont, Thornburg, Rosslyn Farms, Bellevue, Carnegie, Pennsbury Village, Avalon, Brentwood, Etna, Castle Shannon, West View, Heidelberg, Baldwin, Ben Avon, Ben Avon Heights, West Homestead, Sharpsburg, Homestead, Emsworth, Aspinwall, Munhall, Edgewood, Swissvale, Glenshaw, Rennerdale, Whitaker, Rankin, Wilkinsburg, Bridgeville, West Mifflin, Braddock Hills, Braddock, Bethel Park, Pleasant Hills, Glenfield, Forest Hills, Fox Chapel, Blawnox, North Braddock, Dravosburg, Churchill, Coraopolis, Chalfant, Allison Park, Haysville, Oakdale, East Pittsburgh, Duquesne or South Park Township you're less than 10 miles from Ohio River. The fishing regulatory body for Pennsylvania is Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission. If you need a fishing licence you can purchase one directly from Ohio River Fishing License 24/7. Prices and optons are listed including non resident fishing licenses. Please ensure to adhere to the fishing regulations for the state. Remember, regulations are there to protect fish species and enable fishing for generations to come.

Ohio River Fishing Report Card

Here's your fishing report for today the 10th of July for Ohio River. We take a number of different data points to make our fishing recommendation. Our recommendation is based on aspects about the weather conditions, moon phase & water conditions. Of course these should only be used as indicators combined with your own past fishing experience fishing on the banks of Ohio River.

Clour Cover

  • Updated Just Now

It's common knowlege cloud cover is an angler's best friend. Bring a hat and sun cream, yip with cloud coverage at 1% you'll need to find an artifical shade to cast a shadow if heading out to Ohio River to fish today.

  • Poor Fishing

Wind Direction

  • Updated Just Now

There’s an old saying on wind direction which has many variations but here's the most popular which I'm sure you've heard: “Wind from the West, fish bite the best. Wind from the East, fish bite the least. Wind from the North, do not go forth. Wind from the South blows bait in their mouth.” Its less so about the direction but the cause for the direction. We’ll cover this more in a blog post soon but for Ohio River right now the wind is coming from a south easterly direction which means fishing is poor.

  • Poor Fishing

Wind Speed

  • Updated Just Now

Good news, the wind speed is currently at 9 mph is considered in the optimal range for fishing as the ripples caused by the wind on the water's surface will help hide the line an lure on Ohio River

  • Average

Moon Phase

  • Updated Just Now

Moon phases have split fishing folk's opinion straight down the middle with the bigger impact on saltwater fishing but some freshwater anglers swear their catch improves when the moon is in a "New" or "Full" moon phase. These phases cause bigger tides making fish more active and susceptible to feeding meaning an opportunity for you to nab a catch. Ohio River is currently under a "Waxing Crescent" phase which means its more favorable fishing time.

  • Average

Ohio River Map Location

Ohio River Fishing 7 Day Weather Report

Looking to head out over the next few days. Click here for the latest 7 day fishing weather forecast for Ohio River .

Are The Fish Biting on Ohio River ?

Looking to find out if other fishing enthusiasts are having luck on Ohio River . We're building software in our members area to tell you. Join for free today to access the capability once available. Its coming soon.

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Fish Information For Ohio River

Not sure what fish to prepare force when fishing on Ohio River . Make sure you're reppared for the correct fish by having the best lures and bait for the fish that are likely in Ohio River .

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Ohio River Water Conditions

Find out if theres a raging torrent for torent or a calm mirror like surface using our daily updated stats for over 500,000 fishing locations.

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Ohio River Fishing Lunar Forcecast

Moon phases have a signifigant impact on fishing. The moon in the night skies over Ohio River is in a Waxing Crescent phase. This means if you're planning of fishing at night then fishing conditions are less optimal. Due to the moon conditions night brightness levels are at 16%.

Ohio River Fishing Report | Allegheny County Fishing (2024)
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